We share key information through an online event

We share key information through an online event

The past few months have been highly eventful for TESCAN. A new STEM electron microscope was launched, majority ownership in TESCAN was taken over by the US global investment company Carlyle, and both Czech entities merged into one group. We have always valued the sharing of information across the company, and so we are organizing a “Town Hall Meeting” for our employees, to be broadcast live and globally across all our branches.

Sharing information and transparent communication with the entire team is at the core of TESCAN’s corporate culture, and we continue to do so even during the summer holiday season. We gathered for our second TESCAN Town Hall Meeting on Monday the 17th of July. Whether in-person in conference rooms or online, each one of our employees had the opportunity to be present as crucial information about the company’s future direction was presented. We’re pleased that colleagues from all branches were able to take part in large numbers.

The chief item on the agenda was the announcement of the transition to a new organizational structure. This decision was made to streamline our organization and strengthen internal collaboration, allowing all of us to achieve greater success in what we do daily.

Even those who could not attend will not miss out: Recordings and the slides presented are available in the internal system. Moreover, we discuss the most critical information with key managers in our company magazine, giving them space to explain everything in detail.

The broadcasting location is not always the same, so the most recent TESCAN Town Hall Meeting went out on August 7th from Fuveau. The CEO and senior management presented financial and business results for the last quarter, along with a forecast for the second half of the year. We are pleased that we can share information with all our employees promptly. We are dwlighted tha they show great interest in company developments, as it’s they who shape TESCAN’s identity. We do everything to ensure that every employee genuinely feels like they are a part of the TESCAN team.