Days of Electron Microscopy has started

Days of Electron Microscopy has started

Have you heard of the Days of Electron Microscopy? Yesterday marked the seventh time we have inaugurated this event. 🥳 This year’s program will captivate both the general public and the more enlightened fans of our field. See for yourself at dem.brno.cz/program. We would like to thank the Institute of Instrumentation of the Czech Academy of Sciences for providing a temporary haven for the giant mite sculpture and Helena Langšádlová – the Minister, as well as other speakers, for their ceremonial speeches.

Brno serves as the global hub for the development and production of electron microscopes, contributing up to 30% of the world’s production, and it’s something to be proud of. The city of Brno and a few other partners have been organizing the “Days of Electron Microscopy” (DEM) since 2017. This happening offers a diverse series of events, including access to normally inaccessible laboratories, interesting lectures, and captivating exhibitions. It caters to everyone – from enthusiasts passionate about all things technical to complete novices, students, and families looking to spend an interesting afternoon. TESCAN is hosting microscope (VEGA) demonstrations, along with lectures and presentations from our fascinating end-users, offering unique insights into the world of electron microscopy.

This event is unique in combining the worlds of science and art, while also serving to popularize science among the young. It supports the Brno region as a burgeoning ecosystem for electron microscopy – and we are proud to be a part of this!