Vision and company values

Our vision

To create an innovative and powerful European hi-tech holding developing and producing scientific instrumentation and operating worldwide.


Our mission

To produce world-class instruments for investigation of micro- and nano- world employing a multicultural and multidisciplinary team of highly educated and skilled people. We strive to offer our clients the customized instruments and whole integrated systems to fulfill their needs.



Winning Together

Customers win, employees win, suppliers win, TESCAN wins. Everyone is an important part of the company, and despite having different opinions we are able to cooperate successfully and respect each other. This is why we can always find a common solution.


We are not afraid of challenges and demanding tasks. We have the courage to come up with new ideas and offer customers unique solutions. We are able to admit we have made a mistake and learn from it.


Our foundation is the knowledge and professionalism of each of us. Yet we also use our “common sense”. We are willing to continue to learn and grow in our fields. We share the knowledge and experience we gain.

Passion and Enthusiasm

What we do gives us satisfaction. We like sharing new ideas, discoveries, and results. We support one another even when things go wrong. We like working at TESCAN.