Bike to Work 2024: First Time with International Participation

Bike to Work 2024: First Time with International Participation

This May once again featured our favorite challenge, “Biking, Walking, or Running to Work”! Together, we left the comfort of cars and public transport and embarked on a journey to reduce harmful emissions in cities and their surroundings. This year was particularly special for TESCAN – for the first time, we welcomed international colleagues to the challenge!

A total of 114 employees participated in this year’s event, breaking last year’s record. We proudly welcomed twenty brave participants from our international branches in France, Belgium, the USA, China, the United Kingdom, and Germany. In total, 39 teams represented TESCAN, collectively covering 15,920 kilometers and saving more than 2.5 tons of carbon dioxide emissions compared to car journeys.

In addition to competing for the best team and individual performances, we also organized a photo contest where participants could capture their athletic efforts and share moments from their journeys. We thank all participants for their enthusiasm and commitment. We look forward to next year when we will again bike, walk, or run to work together and take another step towards a cleaner environment!

Bike to Work 2024: A Challenge that Transforms Cities

The May challenge “Biking, Walking, or Running to Work” is a nationwide event that annually motivates thousands of people to commute to work in eco-friendly ways throughout May. Organized by the association AutoMat, 2024 marked the 14th edition of this popular challenge. TESCAN has been a regular participant in the challenge, with top colleagues biking over 1,000 kilometers during May.